The beauty of reinventing your living space with exotic Arabian Interior Design

There are several people all across the globe those who while returning from Arabian cities find themselves seriously addicted to all things Arabian: Baba ghanoush, Hummus, Fattoush, Belly dancing and of course Arabic décor.

Arabic interior designs are lush, opulent furnishings that reminds us the ‘One Thousand and One Night’ tales, and are ideal source of endless inspirations for creating bohemian and eclectic looks inside our living space.

There are no specific rules for constructing Arabic interior design inspired themes, as they vary from bucolic Bedouin style to almost lavish and exaggerating interiors.

Arabic interior designs are full of eastern promises. Per say, it is one of the most exotic and exciting interior designing styles to recreate your home.

There is an aspect of beautiful balance in the Arabic interior designs that offers an elegant solution to any space by using either bold or subtle patterns, colours and materials that are most pleasing to look at.

Exotic Interior
Influence of Arabic interior décor and designs can be also found in Spanish, French and in Moroccan interior designing styles.

Sitting on the floor is a big Arabian fascination which is still used in Arabic interior designs and is a legacy that has been born from the nomadic days when tents were used as homes for the Arabian tribes.

To help us in achieving a modern look to our Arabian interior designs it’s best to start with a neutral colour palette and keep the additional colours soft and light.

Blue and turquoise are featured and focal colours used in Arabian interior décor. Other prevalent colours that are used in this Middle-Eastern interior decoration styles are soft terracotta pink, pastel brown, pastel green, lemon yellow, royal yellow and different shades of indigo blue.

If needed one can also use hints of metallic colours such as bronze, silver and gold to add a magical touch to their space.

Carved wooden furniture is another essential element of the Arabic interior décor. Decorative panels on the walls, windows, shutters and room dividers are present in almost all Arabic themed rooms.

It is best to use a hard finish for your floor while renovating your living space with Arabic interior decoration style. The best materials to achieve this are granite or marble, however one can also use large black or white porcelain tiles to achieve this exquisite flooring effect.

To end never forget to buy a traditional Arabian or Persian rug, as these rugs look out of this world just as they are, to portray the ultimate Arabic interior décor style.

Beautiful Arabic music to give your living room that extra touch!

Oriental Lighting for a better sleep

It has often been said that healthy living is associated with healthy sleeping habits. It has been observed that healthy sleeping is achieved by perfect sleeping conditions which incorporates not only sleeping on a good quality bed, but also effective lighting solutions, factors like your sleeping posture, level of disturbance in our surrounding and others.

Most people like to sleep in dim light. Dim lighting in the bed room not only at first hand let us sleep easily, but it also provides us manageable visibility so that if we wake up from sleep and want to go somewhere, we can do it comfortably even in the middle of the night.

So if you are one among the huge populace of individuals who prefers to sleep in dimmed light, you can always consider buying and installing oriental lightings for your sleeping space.

Oriental lighting is perfect for illuminating your bedrooms as it provides an attractive decorative touch to your sleeping zone.

Oriental lighting is also an interesting thing for people those who are fascinated with Feng-Shui. Hence for Feng-Shui enthusiasts it is imperative that one must understand the significance of colours while choosing their oriental lighting shades.

Feng-Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that implements doctrines, to ensure a proper balance of yin and yang energy in our home and office or any other space that we live in.

Room designed according Feng-Shui Principles
According to the Feng-Shui tradition there are several different kinds of furnishings, art pieces and other items that can be used by us in an effort to balance the energy in places that we frequent and in our lives. However of late, there are also several people across the globe who have started integrating oriental lamp shades of different colours to achieve this task as well.

It can be well acknowledged over here that it is the Chinese philosophers who have taught us the importance of colour as an essential aspect, when it comes to imbibing natural flow of energy in our lives.

As each and every single colour inside the lamp shades emits a certain kind of vibration, different colours discharge various types of energies which are sometimes good and even malefic in nature.

Pendant pear shaped oriental lights which are shaped liked incandescent bulbs and comes along with a long tail-up to fix it on the ceiling, looks extremely classy in any bedroom or other corners of the house.

If too much of light bores you one can also opt for alabaster candle holders, which are beautiful oriental lighting that has an outer appearance of an earthen pot. However as these oriental lightings are translucent in nature, hence they only allow ample light through it to create a dim light surrounding that is good for a sound sleep.

Change your living space with vibrant and colourful Moroccan Pillows

Every one of us has an interior designer inside ourselves which is waiting to escape and express itself with passion.

It is a true fact that the environment that we live in affects our mood, and for this very reason it is extremely important to find a design that is comfortable, inviting and relaxing, as we all spend a lot of time in our homes.

With a creative mind, it only takes a few simple tips and a small budget that can transform any lifeless and drab space into an oasis of textures and colours.

Of late choosing a Moroccan theme has become a fad in several places across the world as Moroccan upholsteries are not only extremely colourful, but they are also economical compared to other contemporary interior designing styles.

Creating a Moroccan feel, do not always necessarily mean that one has to fill the room from top to bottom with Moroccan décor. It is best to first start by analysing the space on which you are working and find a special piece in your space that you already have and can serve as an inspiration.

Traditional Moroccan designs are well known for their rich and vibrant colours, textures and patterns and so Moroccan pillows are ideal for creating an exotic and evocative living space.

Now if you are working with your bedroom, be sure to distribute your Moroccan pillows evenly throughout your space in order to create an overall Moroccan ambience.

As balancing is an extremely important aspect in interior designing, so avoid grouping all your Moroccan pillows in one area but rather spread them in several places to create an eye catching effect.

If you want to add more Moroccan elements in the bedroom, one can also buy an intricate handmade camel-bone mirror and place it over a dresser.

Moroccan hand painted cedar chests or even hand crafted Moroccan benches are also another beautiful traditional Moroccan furniture that one can place perfectly at the foot of the bed in their bedrooms.

Moroccan floor pillows are another excellent traditional Moroccan element that you can use for decorating your living rooms. There are several shops that you can approach for buying custom made Moroccan floor pillows, so that you can get not only exactly what you want but you can even have complete control over the quantity, quality and appearance of each piece, that you are purchasing to adorn your rooms.

Once you are keen upon buying custom made Moroccan pillows, you can also designate whether these pillows will have polyester, feather, cotton or foam-fillings which you can order according to your taste.



The magic of ancient Egyptian Lamps

Egypt has long been known not only for its ancient civilization, but also for its antiques. The ancient Egypt’s cultural legacy and Egyptian antique till today continues to inspire our interest and imagination. Many artefacts those that were unearthed during the excavations through the 19th century, which are remains of the Egyptian art, is famous all across the world for its delicacy, vibrant colour and beauty. Hence owning an Egyptian antique or even its replica has always been considered as a matter of pride.

An Egyptian’s love for art is well known to all of us. Egyptians have so many artistic creations to their credit that the list of Egyptian art relics falls short of being counted in numbers. Right from paintings, statues, sculptures, jewellery and different art works which were presumably made for the gods, kings and queens, Egyptian oil lamps and coffins, which are also known as sarcophagus, have glorified many households and museums all across the globe.

Talking about Egyptian lamps, although it is really very hard to predict and pinpoint an exact date when the first ever lamp was used by human beings due to its different forms and reinventions, however lamp-like objects were discovered as far as 80,000 BC, during the times of the cave man.

Archaeologists and research scholar on ancient art estimate that the first type of hand light or lamp was used in the form of a hollow stone, which contained animal fat that the cave men burnt to produce light and heat during the night.

The ancient Egyptian lamps which were used during the reign of the Pharaoh’s were however usually made out of some kind of pottery that had fuel burning inside it and so resembles what we can nowadays call as old fashion lanterns.

In the recent times Egyptian lamps come in a huge range of designs and style. Some of these lamps also use the latest technology to suit almost every need.

Lighting from north africa
Among the most admirable and commonly used oil lamps in ancient Egypt, the frog type oil lamps which were also known as palm lamps and were made out of greyish-beige buff clay can even be seen for sale in several antique shops across the world.

For people those who like collecting antique Egyptian lamps, they can also try buying Egyptian lamps which are made out of authentic brown papyrus, with the front of the lamp decorated with a picture of the Zodiac of Denderah.

While looking for Egyptian lamps, one can also look for the Egyptian art deco lamps, which are nowadays available in many shapes, such as the Ankh lamp with the eye of Horus or lamps those which are manufactured in the shape of an Egyptian sarcophagus that bear cold enamel decorations and does show wear typical for its age.