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The beauty of reinventing your living space with exotic Arabian Interior Design

There are several people all across the globe those who while returning from Arabian cities find themselves seriously addicted to all things Arabian: Baba ghanoush, Hummus, Fattoush, Belly dancing and of course Arabic décor.

Arabic interior designs are lush, opulent furnishings that reminds us the ‘One Thousand and One Night’ tales, and are ideal source of endless inspirations for creating bohemian and eclectic looks inside our living space.

There are no specific rules for constructing Arabic interior design inspired themes, as they vary from bucolic Bedouin style to almost lavish and exaggerating interiors.

Arabic interior designs are full of eastern promises. Per say, it is one of the most exotic and exciting interior designing styles to recreate your home.

There is an aspect of beautiful balance in the Arabic interior designs that offers an elegant solution to any space by using either bold or subtle patterns, colours and materials that are most pleasing to look at.

Exotic Interior
Influence of Arabic interior décor and designs can be also found in Spanish, French and in Moroccan interior designing styles.

Sitting on the floor is a big Arabian fascination which is still used in Arabic interior designs and is a legacy that has been born from the nomadic days when tents were used as homes for the Arabian tribes.

To help us in achieving a modern look to our Arabian interior designs it’s best to start with a neutral colour palette and keep the additional colours soft and light.

Blue and turquoise are featured and focal colours used in Arabian interior décor. Other prevalent colours that are used in this Middle-Eastern interior decoration styles are soft terracotta pink, pastel brown, pastel green, lemon yellow, royal yellow and different shades of indigo blue.

If needed one can also use hints of metallic colours such as bronze, silver and gold to add a magical touch to their space.

Carved wooden furniture is another essential element of the Arabic interior décor. Decorative panels on the walls, windows, shutters and room dividers are present in almost all Arabic themed rooms.

It is best to use a hard finish for your floor while renovating your living space with Arabic interior decoration style. The best materials to achieve this are granite or marble, however one can also use large black or white porcelain tiles to achieve this exquisite flooring effect.

To end never forget to buy a traditional Arabian or Persian rug, as these rugs look out of this world just as they are, to portray the ultimate Arabic interior décor style.