The magic of ancient Egyptian Lamps

Egypt has long been known not only for its ancient civilization, but also for its antiques. The ancient Egypt’s cultural legacy and Egyptian antique till today continues to inspire our interest and imagination. Many artefacts those that were unearthed during the excavations through the 19th century, which are remains of the Egyptian art, is famous all across the world for its delicacy, vibrant colour and beauty. Hence owning an Egyptian antique or even its replica has always been considered as a matter of pride.

An Egyptian’s love for art is well known to all of us. Egyptians have so many artistic creations to their credit that the list of Egyptian art relics falls short of being counted in numbers. Right from paintings, statues, sculptures, jewellery and different art works which were presumably made for the gods, kings and queens, Egyptian oil lamps and coffins, which are also known as sarcophagus, have glorified many households and museums all across the globe.

Talking about Egyptian lamps, although it is really very hard to predict and pinpoint an exact date when the first ever lamp was used by human beings due to its different forms and reinventions, however lamp-like objects were discovered as far as 80,000 BC, during the times of the cave man.

Archaeologists and research scholar on ancient art estimate that the first type of hand light or lamp was used in the form of a hollow stone, which contained animal fat that the cave men burnt to produce light and heat during the night.

The ancient Egyptian lamps which were used during the reign of the Pharaoh’s were however usually made out of some kind of pottery that had fuel burning inside it and so resembles what we can nowadays call as old fashion lanterns.

In the recent times Egyptian lamps come in a huge range of designs and style. Some of these lamps also use the latest technology to suit almost every need.

Lighting from north africa
Among the most admirable and commonly used oil lamps in ancient Egypt, the frog type oil lamps which were also known as palm lamps and were made out of greyish-beige buff clay can even be seen for sale in several antique shops across the world.

For people those who like collecting antique Egyptian lamps, they can also try buying Egyptian lamps which are made out of authentic brown papyrus, with the front of the lamp decorated with a picture of the Zodiac of Denderah.

While looking for Egyptian lamps, one can also look for the Egyptian art deco lamps, which are nowadays available in many shapes, such as the Ankh lamp with the eye of Horus or lamps those which are manufactured in the shape of an Egyptian sarcophagus that bear cold enamel decorations and does show wear typical for its age.



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